FEC*SERILABEL FIXING SYSTEM: no more counterplates, the evolution in the application of metals.

The use by stylists of metallic and non-metallic applications, to give more value to a garment or an accessory, is now a common practice in the realization of the collections: whether it is to express a concept, whether they are purely for decorative purposes or that simply represent the logo or brand name of the manufacturer, these applications have now become evergreens, regardless from seasonality or current trends, they never fail. The frontier to be broken for the application of these details, has always represented a great challenge for the production sector: fixing the application to a garment or to an accessory making it firm, resistant to washing and use, without affecting the properties of the fabric or of the base material, it has always been a research from all industry experts. The main problem with these applications is the counterpart (or counterplate): although this tool allows for excellent adhesion to the hardware to the garment, represents a limitation in wearability, since it becomes an encumbrance element for the wearer. The sewing of the applications can be a discreet compromise: the application has a fairly secure fixing and no need for a counterpart, however it still encounter two problems: the first is an aesthetic problem, since the thread remains visible; Instead the second is a timing problem: sewing an application is a process that extends production times in a non-negligible way. In Fec*Serilabel we have been working on this concept for years, and the first result is arrived with the patented vacuum application system. With this technique we can apply metallic letters and logos on various accessories, but in recent years we are managed to achieve something more: the new Fec*Serilabel-Fixing-System. It is a patented application system (Italian and European patent application) that allows the adhesion of hardware to simply fabric through a fastening thermal. The applications are treated by us with particular products, which don’t affect the chemical-physical characteristics, and which allow it to adhere to fabric by thermal fixing. This method allows to obtain a safe application on the garments, resistant to washes, and with excellent adhesion and tear resistance, without the aid of counterplates or seams, in a simply and quickly way. Some of our customers have already tested its effectiveness, and many other brands are doing it by taking this innovative path, already presented by us in the most recent participation in Premiere Vision.